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Coronavirus Pandemic Update – 20th  March 2020 

The Salvation Army
United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland

Thank you for all your hard work in these past few days. It has been an extremely challenging week for everyone but it has been wonderful to see people across The Salvation Army pulling together. The Territorial Commander, Commissioner Anthony Cotterill, has recorded a video message. Watch it here:
At the end of this momentous week, we have a clearer picture of the way forward:
1. We’re here for a while: The Coronavirus Pandemic is not going away soon. The general advice is that we should prepare for at least 12 weeks of ‘social distancing’. So, we all have to get used to a ‘new normal’.
2. We need to follow the advice: The Salvation Army will continue to follow the advice of the health authorities and we strongly encourage everyone to do so. We must all follow the social distancing guidelines. This is not easy as so much of Salvation Army work relies on meeting people. Therefore, we need to find new ways to achieve our mission. We must not be reckless but neither should we be unduly fearful.
3. We have a plan: The Salvation Army has a large and diverse presence across the United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland. Combatting the Coronavirus and its effects on our communities will require a flexible, local response. Therefore, every corps, centre, unit and headquarters has the responsibility to develop a plan that achieves the mission according to their circumstances. As the plans are implemented, lessons will be learnt and plans can be adjusted. We need to work in partnership so sharing our plans with others is essential.
4. We need to be flexible: We are all learning new ways to work. If possible, people should work at home. However, not everyone can do this. The Salvation Army is home for many vulnerable people so we cannot simply close our doors. We must follow the advice of the public health experts while finding ways to make sure people are not abandoned at this time. This will require lots of flexibility by all of us. Some of us can be redeployed into teams who need support. A process is being developed and will be communicated as soon as possible.
5. Prayer works: Each day at 12 noon everyone is encouraged to pause for a few minutes. Even if you are not religious, in these stressful days it is good to pause for a few minutes. Looking after our health is as important as our concern for the wellbeing of others. Use #HandsTogether Please particularly pray for people who cannot work from home and are finding the work more stressful and challenging than normal. We will want to support our colleagues at this time.

News updates
1. Key Workers: The UK government definition of ‘key worker’ includes all Salvation Army officers and many employees and some volunteers. A letter confirming key worker status will be issued by The Salvation Army. Children of key workers can still go to school and the letter may be needed for other purposes in the future. If you think you are a key worker please discuss this with your supervisor/manager.
2. Food Banks: The shortage of food in the shops is placing great strain on food banks. The Salvation Army is in discussions with government, charities and businesses to find solutions to the shortages. We expect demand for food banks to increase in the weeks ahead and are planning to make an appeal to the general public for donations. For more information on managing food banks visit:
3. Cancellations and Postponements: With regret, the follow events have been impacted by the Coronavirus.

Event                                                                Date                                  Decision
Easter Music Course                               13 to 17 April 2020                Cancelled
Sports Learning Community
Weekend                                                17 to 20 April 2020            Postpone to a later date
Musical Theatre in a Day                           2 May 2020                     Postpone to a later date
Pioneer Gathering                                   4 to 7 May 2020                    Cancelled
NCD 12 Conference                                15 to 17 May 2020            Postpone to a later date
Pre-Symphony Sounds                                  29 May 2020                   Cancelled
Symphony Sounds
(Foyer Concerts & Evening Concert               30 May 2020                   Cancelled
MACA Leaders' Councils                                   31 May 2020                  Cancelled
Early Years and
Financial Inclusion Best Practice                 18 to 19 June 2020           Postpone to a later date
Women and God                                             19 to 21 June 2020           Cancelled
Sport & Christianity Gathering                        20 to 21 June 2020           Cancelled

4. WORSHIP RESOURCES: The Older People's Ministries ‘Silver Lining’ team are sharing additional messages and support for our older people in our communities on their public Facebook page 'Older People's Ministries UKI (LINK) under the 'Silver Lining' initiative. Every day at 9am one of the OPM Regional Mission Specialists will post a Daily Devotional message. On Monday and Friday mornings, the team will also share a briefing with information such as updates to Government advice for older people. Please encourage older people in your communities to like the page on Facebook and check there regular for updates (LINK). Further resources will be shared in the coming weeks
We are grateful for people sharing how they are facilitating worship/prayer. This includes from the list below and we hope they will be a blessing to you. If your corps are providing resources that can be shared wider please do so. More information about additional worship resources and channels will follow next week.

Cambridge Citadel
Basingstoke Corps
Ellesmere Port
Regent Hall Corps

Major Andrew Stone, the editor of War Cry will lead a Salvation Army meeting at 11am on Fortress Radio available on any computer, tablet or smartphone at
For children, KA! JAM, is an online Bible study series run by the Kids Alive! team. This is a great activity for our children to participate in while they're home. For more information see any issue of Kids Alive! or email the editor,
There will not be a Daily Update over the weekend. An eagle-eyed reader noted that we had not mentioned ‘CARE’ in yesterday’s update. Apologies. We must not forget to care for each other at this time. We all need to make some time in the next few days to recharge the batteries.

Dean Pallant
Secretary for Communications